About Me

Hi there! I’m Liz. I’m a wife and mom, living in Minneapolis and working in operations. And while that is me by day, my real passion is fashion and clothing. For as long as I can remember, I have loved clothes. I can specifically remember getting excited for the first day of middle school because I had put together what I thought was the coolest outfit. For me, I’m at my best, most confident self when I’ve pulled together an amazing outfit. So, two years ago I created my brand, Hart Nelson, as a passion project. Our primary offering is personal styling, specifically wardrobe styling and closet consultations, as well as event styling. Our mission is to build confidence in the woman-on-the-go by mentoring the development of her personal styling. As a busy, working mom I can appreciate the value of simplicity and efficiency. But at the same time, I also value style. Hart Nelson aims to harmonize these two values by helping women build a functional and versatile wardrobe that reflects her personal style; prioritizing quality, ease, and comfort so she can live her life and feel great doing it.

The Latest

Spring is Coming… Here’s What I’m Eyeing

I absolutely love the change of seasons, but especially the change from winter to spring.  Everything feels new and exciting.  An opportunity for a fresh start.  And as I look back at the items I pinned this month, that is the overwhelming theme.  Like I’m stepping back out into the world, and I want look and feel amazing.

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Capsule Series: Jackets

I decided to do a deep dive on different types of jackets & coats, not only for my own education, but also to evaluate options to add to my closet as I continue to refine and build my capsule wardrobe.  In this post, I’m going to give a crash course on what I learned, including a coat dictionary, some style inspiration, and of course, great options to shop. 

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Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

For the last few months my mind has been circling around the idea of building my ultimate capsule.  So what’s a capsule, you ask?  We hear this term used frequently in the fashion world – there are capsule collections and capsule wardrobes.

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