Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

For the last few months my mind has been circling around the idea of building my ultimate capsule.  So what’s a capsule, you ask?  We hear this term used frequently in the fashion world – there are capsule collections and capsule wardrobes.


At a high level, a capsule collection is a limited-release product line from a design house.  Pieces included in the capsule are intended to be functional and more commercial.  You’ll typically see these released during off-peak times during the year.


A capsule wardrobe on the other hand is a minimalist wardrobe that includes roughly 40 pieces that are timeless, functional, and versatile such that items can be swapped to multiply the number of outfit options.


There are multiple benefits to creating a capsule wardrobe, some of which I highlighted recently in my Rule of 3 blog post.  To recap, a capsule would help me:



Streamline my closet – as a busy mom|wife|professional, I appreciate the value of efficiency, but I also like to look put together.  So while I don’t want to take hours getting dressed every day, I also don’t want to sacrifice style for speed.  A more succinct and versatile wardrobe allows me to create stylish looks, quickly.


Reduce cost – building a wardrobe with high quality, timeless pieces means less money spent on trendier items to temporarily satisfy a need.


More space and less waste – I don’t know about the rest of you, but an overflowing closet where you can’t even see everything gives me anxiety.  A concise closet is refreshing, reduces stress, and at the same time, I’m reducing my consumption footprint.



The great thing about capsules is that there’s really no wrong way to do it.  What gets included in a capsule is up to the creator and what they want/need to best reflect their personal style.  My goal in sharing this post is really to pass along some tips to help in creating your own capsule – tips I’m using in my own journey.



Tip 1: critically review the current state of your closet.  The idea is to be pretty ruthless here.  What do you reach for time-and-time again?  What do you skip over?  This exercise was really the basis for my Rule of 3 post, mentioned above.  The concept is this: if you can’t style an item in your closet at least 3 ways, it’s probably time to part ways.  Definitely check out that blog for more context.


Tip 2: consider different categories of clothing and accessories.  See the below graphic!  A capsule doesn’t have to have one of each of these categories.  Rather, you should consider your lifestyle, climate, and your own style to determine which are applicable for you.

Tip 3:”buy better, buy less”.  This isn’t really about the amount you spend, but that you buy smart.  Quality product is going to fit better and last longer.


Tip 4: think about the role each piece plays in your wardrobe.  Is it a foundational item?  Something functional and affordable that can pair with many other items in the capsule?  Or is an investment item?  Luxury quality that’s classic and timeless.  Or is a statement piece?  Something that truly reflects your personal style.



These tips are simple enough, but they give you quite a bit to think about!  In the coming months I will be working on a series of blogs that take an in depth look at each category above, including the different types within the category, how to style the different types, and as always some great options to shop.  Until then!  And, if you’re ready to start building your own capsule, message me.  I’d love to help!