My Shopping Experiment

Usually when I shop, I’m on a mission.  Very rarely do I get to wander to see what grabs my attention; now as a busy mom to a 3-year-old, time is a luxury I can no longer afford.  These days when I head out, there’s something specific I’m looking for and I’ve done my research ahead of time to find out where I can get what I need.


My most recent shopping trip, though, I was on a different kind of mission.  This time, shopping was a homework assignment.

Over the past year I’ve been working my way through the Fashion Industry Essentials program, offered through the Parsons School of Design.  One of the courses, Understanding Fashion Production, focuses on bringing a collection to life. One bit of content in particular focused on sizing.  It was during that lesson that I had a TIL-moment.  A given piece in a collection is sent to manufacturers with sizes and their accompanying dimensions.  And for every size+dimension combination, there’s a +/- of allowable deviation from those dimensions.  It sounds so obvious now, but for years I’ve questioned why I cannot find a replacement for my most favorite pair of AG jeans :smh: Each pair is slightly unique!


So back to my mission for this shopping trip.  Visit a clothing retailer that sells many different brands, try on various articles of clothing from different brands, and consider how sizing varies.  So, I set off to my tried-and-true local Anthropologie.  Never more excited to do my homework.

I didn’t have anything really specific to shop for, so I ended up with a pretty varied selection, and as you’ll see below, a lot of pants.  I’m not entirely sure where it comes from – perhaps an early insecurity – but I love it when I find a great pair of pants, especially denim.  So perhaps not surprisingly, this is where I found the most notable variation.  I was swimming in one pair, couldn’t pull another pair over my hips, and then the rest were somewhere in the middle, with one pair that was juuuuuust right.


Keep scrolling to see everything I pulled and where to find them at Anthropologie.

MANGO Pocket Cargo Jeans

Everlane The Boxy Oxford

Alohas Sway Flats

Asics P.E Nation x Asics Sneakers

Free People Struttin’ Midi Dress

Everlane The Canvas Organic Cotton Pull-On Pant

Sezane Marceau Sweat-Shirt

AYR The Cutie BB

Just a great sweater.

Rothy’s The Lightweight Tote

Such a pretty color, and just the right size

Maeve Sequined Tie-Strap Tank

Ivy Mini Dress

T.La Pocket Pullover

Pilcro Henley

Paige Cindy High-Rise Slim Ankle Jeans

MOTHER The Hustler Ultra High-Rise Ankle Fray Crop Jeans

Pilcro The Yaya Kick Flare Jeans

Maeve The Collette Full Length Wide-Leg Pants

Love this style

Pilcro The Yaya Kick Flare Jeans

Pilcro The Wanderer Mid-Rise Pants